Thursday, June 25, 2009

Closing Up

Sorry this is really late, but I felt that I should give some closure. The end of the year was great, because I started a reward system in the classroom that worked really well with my kids. Having a quiet, controlled classroom was refreshing! Reflecting on my year, I found that I had become comfortable there. In fact, I wasn't quite sure I wanted to come home! Saying goodbye to my kids was the hardest, especially since I don't think they quite comprehended that I was leaving for good (since I left earlier than some of the other missionary teachers). As I gave them little end-of-the-year goodie bags, one of my kids hugged me around the waist and said, "I don't want nothing from you. I just want for you to stay here!"

When people ask me how my year was, I usually respond, "It was good", which doesn't say a lot, but it's hard to express exactly how it was! It was a valuable experience in which I learned a lot and made life-long friendships. I battled with my fear of cockroaches, traveled around the country, ate lots of cake, and practiced the virtue of patience. Thank you for your continued prayers throughout this year!

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