Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Small Delay

I flew out of Portland early Friday morning, January 2nd, with Bethani and made it without any hassle to Tegusigalpa by 4:00 P.M. As we stood in the lobby of the airport with our luggage I jokingly commented that I hoped the person picking us up remembered we were flying into Tegusigalpa and not San Pedro Sula, which is three hours in the opposite direction. We glanced at our watches and saw she was only 13 min. late, which is good by Honduran time. Four hours and a few phone calls later a small family approached us with a sign that read our names. We had indeed been forgotten, so the faces of our rescuers were a sweet sight (even though I was really impressed with how clean the airport was, so it wasn´t a bad place to hang out at all)! Apparently, they lived in Kansas City for a few years which is where the two girls went to school with Kayla (one of our housemates). Fortunately, they now live in Tegusigalpa. We stayed at their house that night, went to church with them the next morning, and then ate lunch before they drove us back to Comayagua. We were so blessed, because they were so hospitable, kind, and thoughtful!

Overall, I´m glad we were forgotten (as horrible as that sounds) so we could meet that family! We plan on going back and visiting again in the near future! Now I am in the first week of school from break, and it almost feels as if I never left. I can forsee that these last few months of teaching won´t be nearly as difficult as my first few months, which is comforting. As Kayla continually says, ¨God is good!¨ and He really is.


~Ashley Logan~ said...

Wow.I am so glad you made it back safely. And It was great to see you and look at pictures. Now I can at least try and picture what it looks like there. Have a great Thursday and know that I think you are amazing!

Tiffany said...

Andrea, that sounds like such a pleasant, unplanned adventure! I hope your week starts out well tomorrow.