Thursday, February 12, 2009

Roses, Red Hearts, and Sugar-Highs

Happy early Valentine´s Day! Today Valentine´s Day was celebrated at the school, because it´s our last school day of the week (tomorrow we are handing out grades, so no, I don´t get out of not coming to school. Instead of teaching, I will be sitting behind a table talking to parents all day!). I don´t know how everyone got the memo (I didn´t hear anything), but all the students came to school wearing jeans instead of their uniforms. My kids are so cute dressed in normal clothes (not that they´re not cute in their uniforms of course), and I tood double-takes on a couple of them!

The tenth graders wandered around the school handing out roses, hearts, and mugs full of candy that the kids had bought for each other. I love the energy of the holiday, but I did have trouble focusing my first graders on school work. I´m fairly certain that more than one of them was on a sugar-high (usually they were the ones clutching their giant mugs of chocolate)! But it´s days like today that gives a break from the normal ¨grind¨ and routine.

I hope everyone enjoys Valentine´s Day and sees it as a day to do something special for someone else (and not merely as singles´ awareness day)!

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