Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Typical Day

It´s February, the month of love! I don´t know why I´m so excited except that the change of month is refreshing. With nothing new really happening around here (I just finished turning in the rest of my grades today. Whoo hoo!), it occurred to me that perhaps I have not enlightened most of you on what a typical day is like.

5:20 A.M.- rise and shine!
6:40 A.M.- depart the house to walk to the school, roughly 8 blocks away, on the ¨boulevard¨(one of the main streets)
6:50 A.M.- staff worship in the 2nd B classroom
7:10 A.M.- first class begins (I teach roughly 6 classes a day and supervise for two periods, lunch and recess)
2:10 P.M.- end of school, beginning of grading
3:30 P.M.- cook, melt into a puddle, or do something productive
5:30 P.M.- eat supper with all the missionaries (there are two houses, and we take turns). After supper is worship
8:30 P.M.- drift away into dream-land.....ah.....

Well, there it is. So now you know what great and marvelous things I have been doing down here! Have a happy Tuesday!

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Kari said...

You sound busy!!