Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spanish Praise!

Wow, it's been awhile! Or, at least, it feels like it's been awhile, because a lot has happened. Two weekends ago we went to an awesome waterfall three hours away! There's a zipline that runs across the falls, or you can hire a guide to take you behind the water. We didn't do either, but we plan on returning someday (although we're running out of time! It's flying by!).

Last Tuesday was my 21st birthday, which turned out to be a very memorable day! My first graders showered me with birthday cards all day, which also meant they weren't doing their work, but I couldn't exactly scold them for making me a sweet little cards, right? My 7th graders threw me a birthday party with cake, chips, popcorn, balloons, and confetti during literature class, which completely took me by surprise! I'd heard of kids throwing their teachers birthday parties, but I guess I didn't expect it to happen to me, since I only teach them one class. But it was a good excuse for them to get out of the test they were supposed to take that day!

This week Kandice's mom, brother, and boyfriend (Jared Anderson) are visiting, which is exciting! Kandice's brother, Christopher, is giving an evangelistic series in the evenings and doing week of prayer for the high school. So far it's been going pretty well. The missionaries are in charge of song service, which we have to sing in Spanish. I'm loving it, except that I have been blessed with a cough (horrible timing, if you ask me). So I've been singing, as in, I've been up front staying away from the microphones.

Speaking of which, I need to make some lesson plans before the meeting tonight!

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