Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The First Week of Teaching Over

I survived the first week of teaching and am half way through my second. I was so happy about making it through last week, I didn´t realize that this week would be equally as difficult. Monday last week was probably the hardest day of teaching, so things have been looking up since then. The challenge with first grade is that they have just come from kindergarden, so they´re not used to the system of school. So far my main focus has been on getting them to listen to me and learn discipline. I think they are understanding me better. They understand English pretty well, but they still have a hard time speaking it. Sometimes it helps that I don´t understand them, because they try to tell on each other. I just tell them to be quiet and pay attention, because I don´t understand Spanish. My seventh grade literature class is my favorite class to teach, because I love all the kids in my class! They listen so well, and they are able to converse with me in English!

Today was an exciting day for the kids. It was Children´s Day, so my class threw a party during and after lunch. They ate pizza, hit at a piñata, and then received presents. Teaching class before lunch was a little difficult, because they were so excited. But I understood where their energy was coming from.

Yesterday I played in my first soccar game. The female teachers were supposed to play against the girls in 11th grade yesterday after school, but only two girls showed up. It was probably better that way, because none of us were very good. We had enough people to play a game, and my team got slaughtered. Towards the end of the game one of my seventh grade boys played on my team and helped us out. I never cease to be amazed at the skill these kids have with a soccar ball! That´s all they play during recess, so they´ve been kicking it around since they could walk!

That´s all the news I have so far.


Kari said...

Glad to hear you've survived so far! I can see why teaching 1st could be a challenge. I'm glad you get some variety between the first and seventh graders. :) So do you notice yourself learning more Spanish then you knew when you left the U.S.? Miss you!

Tiffany said...

Andrea! I keep thinking of you randomly throughout my days - I am going to miss you so much when I get back to campus and you're not there. I'm glad to hear the 7th graders are enjoyable. I remember that being such an awkward year for myself...
Welp, keep blogging- I love it.