Thursday, September 11, 2008

Team Spirit!!!

Honduras is unified under the colors of white and blue and the sport of soccer. People here live and breathe soccer. Today one of my students in 7th grade wrote a poem about how soccer is everything to him, including his food, his air, and his dreams. Last night a few of the teachers and I gathered to watch Honduras play against Jamaica. Every time Honduras would score a goal, the whole neighborhood would erupt in cheering and fireworks (fireworks go off at least once every day for some random reason or another)! When Honduras won the game, the whole city was on the streets, waving flags and cheering. People crammed into cars and trucks and drove up and down the main street, honking and whistling. I´ve never seen such unification for a passion before! I just thought I might share a little of the excitement!

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Kari said...

Wow... that's crazy. Must be nice for everyone to agree on something though. Seems you can't go anywhere here without hearing people disagree about the upcoming election. Ugh..

As always, good to hear from you!