Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Like Bananas......?

Here are some random observations:
  • All car alarms sound the same
  • Bananas and grapefruit are really cheap, so we consume them daily
  • Roosters crow at all hours of the day (contrary to my belief that they only crowed a few times in the morning)
  • Frogs here are huge (one hopped into the house last night) and sound like video game sound effects
  • Sidewalks are narrow, uneven, and sometimes non-existent. Most people walk on the streets anyway
  • Pedestrians do not have the right of way, so you have to walk defensively
  • Most intersections don´t have traffic lights, and no one pays attention to the ones that do
  • Days start early. A lot of people are up and walking around as early as 6:30 A.M.
  • Plumbing isn´t the best. Flushing toilet paper is not allowed in a lot of bathrooms (including the ones at home)

That´s all I can think of for now. These are just examples of small observations and changes I´ve seen here.


Kari said...

I want to see one of the frogs- they sound ginormous. And I feel your pain as far as the chickens go... when I was staying with Grandma Lenz, they were so annoying.. Thanks for the post. It's easier to imagine what it's like over there. :)

mocha4mama said...

Love all your blog info. This sounds a little like the Phillippines, which I lived in for a year. If they offer it totally try the fried banana's, Yum!
Rhonda Valet

pohnpei2008 said...


Yeah, I can comment! Have you tried kissing the frogs? Maybe they'll turn into princes!

Travels with Kate said...

Ok, so I haven't actualy read anything yet, because I was about to get offline, but before I got off I checked my blog and saw that you had commented so I had to find your blog and comment and I'm so glad you found me and now I'm going to follow yours too, and this was a very long, run-on sentence. :) We need to keep in better touch. Hope all is well. I MISS YOU!