Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

This morning teachers and students gathered at the school at 6:00 (we arrived a little late, because we knew 6:00 was a time just to make sure everyone was ready to leave at 6:30) for the big Independence Day parade. We may have started marching at 7:30, but we ended at 10:40. I was thankful we were fourth in line, because the sun was brutal today! I got my first sunburn since I've been here, so we all (all the missionaries at least) have red v's on our chests from our polo shirts. The parade was fun, though! Each school had a band and cheerleaders, so it was fun to see all the colorful costumes! Some of them were pretty crazy! One school had three guys on stilts. Our students were all so cute (I'm not sure some of them would appreciate that if they heard me say that)! The students in the band were wearing blue and white soldier-type uniforms with tall hats and long blue capes. Our little cheerleaders were dressed in white and pink tu-tus. We (the teachers) marched in the back, which was fine by me, because we weren't directly behind the drums. While the parade was fun, I was so drained by the end!

Later today a soccer tournament was held at the school, so Kayla (my fellow house-mate) and I went to watch. I couldn't believe people would want to play soccer in the hot sun after marching in a parade all day, but then again, soccer is a big deal. I still can't get over how good everyone is at soccer here, especially the guys. When the guys play, they can be so brutal! I'm mesmerized by how quickly they can maneuver the ball with their feet!

That was my exciting day! I hear thunder, so I had better end this while I still have power!


Kari said...

I enjoy reading your stories, Andrea. :)

Tiffany said...

Andrea! You were in a parade. That is awesome. You are on my awesome list. Remind me to get your awesome video when you're back home again.

lilystream said...

Hey Andrea,

Nice picture. I have finally figured out how to comment on your blog. Yeah me! I promise to write more later otherwise, Jonathan and I say Hi and we read you blog at work every day! :)